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           Marie-Pierre hails from the countryside surrounding the town of Agen in the southwest of France.  She was born on the 27th of March, 1967, and grew up in and around her family's rustic 18th century house and grounds.  At the age of 19, she graduated with degrees in philosophy and languages from the Jesuit School of Toulouse.  At this time in France, art classes were obligatory for all students.  However, by the age of 14, Marie was voluntarily and aggressively learning to paint as a means of expression.  Some of these early works still exist and are treasured by friends and family in France.   

            By the age of 18, Marie was traveling widely around Europe and two years later made her way to the U.S.  There, she met a French painter of some renown named Roger Allain who had exhibited his work in Paris, New York, and Houston.  He was to remain her mentor until his death in 1993 at the age of 72.  Marie claims him as a formative influence who left her with "a special energy that lives within today".  In 1991, she began painting "fresque mural" and "trompe l'oeil" works in Houston houses.  In 1992 she acquired a studio and began painting works that have subsequently sold in Houston and around the U.S.

             In 2002, Marie married an American boat-builder and settled in a small fishing village along the Texas coast.  She and her husband built the house that Marie had long envisioned and desired to create.  In 2003, their love for each other created a child Arthur Gabriel followed a year and a day later by another child Phillipe Albert.  She and her husband have taken a hiatus from creating with their hands to throw themselves into raising their sons.  However, Marie is beginning to find the time and, more importantly, the inspiration necessary to resume painting.  Her previous work and some of her newer work is being shown in several galleries in the coastal bend area of Texas. 

            With regard to creating her paintings, Marie chooses to use neither live models nor external landscapes for inspiration; rather, she prefers instead that her work "simply reflects what I see and feel in my head".  She furthermore hopes that her paintings "will not be impositions, but rather invitations to dream".

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